Refund policy

Customers can return items any time within 30 days

as soon the customer will think he wants a return customer must contact us Call:  +1(213)558-1230Mail:

We are happy and we accept returns exchanges

Happy to exchange items but the customer is responsible for the return charges. As soon we will receive the item the exchanged item will be sent to the customer.

Change of mind

As soon as the item has been dispatched if the customer changes his mind we won't be able to help until the item arrives and the customer sends the item back only then it can be refunded.

Faulty items

Faulty items can be returned and as soon as the customer receives the item and thinks that the item is damaged customer needs to contact us.

Received the wrong product

Customers must contact us straight away if receive the wrong item and they will be compensated we hold all responsibility.

For products never arrived 

We dispatch only tracking services so as soon as customers' orders will be dispatched we will provide customers with a tracking number.

Cancel the order

If a customer wants to cancel the order he/she must contact us. It can be canceled if it's not been dispatched.

How can customers return products?

By mail

How will customers get the return label?


For customer remorse


We allow product conditions for return


What is the restocking fee?

No restocking fee

How much will customers pay for return shipping?

No cost

For customer remorse

No cost

Return time frame

Items can be returned within 30 days of being bought without being used.

as soon as we receive the item he will be refunded.

Contact Us

Call: +1(213)558-1230